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  Are you thinking "I need to sell my house fast". LeeBuysHouses.com is a We Buy Houses and We Buy Homes extention of YnRealEstate. We buy residential homes, rental property, appartment complexes, undeveloped land, and commercial property fast for cash or subject to. We are able to do this because we team with a large number of renovaters, developers and landlords. We have licensed Realtors on staff to work with you and the closing at a settlement company so you know everything is correct and lawful. If you have any question you can talk directly with one of our settlement attorney or have your attorney talk to ours. Before working with any foreclosure we send them to a foreclosure consultant to try to work out a loan modification. If a loan modification is not possible the loan consultant will work out a short sale so it can either be listed or purchased by LeeBuysHouses.com. So if you are thinking "I need to sell my house fast" fill out the Property Information Form or give us a call 240-678-8683. 11120 New Hampshire Ave suite 200, Silver Spring MD 20904

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