Lee Buys Houses

About Lee Buys Houses

LeeBuysHouses is a network of real estate professionals that can help you with whatever your real estate problems are. Our first responders are licensed real estate agents who will listen carefully to your needs and help you begin the process of resolve them.

The LeeBuysHouses network of real estate agents understands that you may not be looking to sell your home. Many families are currently having problems with their mortgage payments. While we make NO GUARANTEES we can refer you to a reputable foreclosure consultant that can work with you and the bank to try to resolve the payment issues. If it is not possible to work out a new payment schedule then the foreclosure consultant will attempt to work out a short sale agreement for you and turn it back to the real estate agent for sale.

Fast Sale
For property owners that really need to sell fast for their own peace of mind we have the fast sale option. If you opt for a fast sale we will negotiate directly with you and can usually purchase your property within a few of weeks of signing a purchase contract. Also there are no agent commissions if we buy your house.

Normal Sale
If you are looking for a good agent that can get your home sold in a timely fashion we can do that too. Just let the agent that responds to your request know the time frame you would like to sell in and they can development a marketing plan that meets your objectives.