Lee Buys Houses

Fequently Asked Questions

www.LeeBuysHouses.com (LBH) is a network of real estate professionals that can help you with whatever your real estate related issues are. Our first responders are licensed real estate agents who will assess your needs and begin the process of helping you resolve them.

Q: How does the process work to sell my house?
A: After you send us your property information one of your agents will contact you to review the information you provided. We will make an initial offer and schedule a time to view your property. Once the offer has been made you are under no obligation to sell. If you decide to sell your house, we should be able to close within a couple of weeks or at a date of your choice.

Q: What if I am being foreclose on and do not wish to sell?
A: If you are in a foreclosure situation or at risk of foreclosure we will refer you to a foreclosure consultant who might attempt a workout with your mortgage company. Do to laws in a growing number of states we need to be clear that we make No Guarantees about getting you out of foreclosure and the foreclosure consultant we refer you to is not part of our organization and you are free to seek advice from someone else if you so desire. If do to your situation the foreclosure consultant is not able to obtain a loan modification they with your permission and the appropriate paper work may try for a short sale. If they negotiate a short sale we may make an offer which your are not in anyway obligated to accept. You may also choose to list the property with our Realtors or another Realtor.

Q: Are there any fees involved when you buy my property?
A: No, we do not charge any fees to make an offer or to buy your house. We do not charge a commission when we buy your property.

If we end up not buying your property and refer you to a Real Estate agent you will need to negotiate with the agent on their commission for listing and selling your property.

Q: How do I know you are Legitmate?
It is true you should be carefully when trying to sell your house fast. Why should you trust us? First we follow standard real estate buying procedures for the state and county your property is in. This means we use the local Association of Realtor purchase contract, modified and/or addended as necessary by a Realtor and/or attorney. We make sure you sign all the seller disclosure forms that are required so you are covered. The closing is done by a settlement company supervised by an attorney. If you are not sure of anything we advice you to ask your attorney and of course you or your attorney can talk to our attorney.

Note: If someone wants you to sign your house away on your dining room table DO NOT DO IT. Call us immediatly! or simply click here for a fast cash offer.

Q: Am I obligated if I fill out the form or you make an offer?
A: No, there is no obligation. When we make you an offer you are free to accept or reject it. You only become obligated when you sign the purchase contract so do not sign it until you are ready to sell.

Q: Do you buy houses in real bad condition that need a lot of repairs?
A: Yes, We buy all types of properties! Any situation, any condition, any location, and any price range.

Q: Do you buy vacant houses?
A: Yes, we buy all types of properties! Any situation, any condition, any location, and any price range.

Q: Do you only buy houses?
A: We buy any of the follow type of real property: houses, condos, townhomes, rowhomes, multi unit apartments, commercial property, raw land, etc.

Q: Do you pay a finder fee if I bring you a seller property?
A: Yes, will give you up to $1000.00 for a referral if and when we close on it.